Peer Reviewed Publications

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Manuscripts in Prep / In review

Marlow, J., Colocci, I., Jungbluth, S., Weber, N., Gartman, A., and J. Kallmeyer, In Review, Mapping Metabolic Activity at Single Cell Resolution in Intact Volcanic Fumarole Sediment.

Orcutt, B., Bradley, J., Brazelton, W.J., Estes, E.J., Goordial, J.M., Huber, J.A., Jones, R.M., Mahmoudi, N., Marlow, J.J., Murdock, S., and M. Pachiadaki, In Review, Impacts of Deep-Sea Mining on Microbial Ecosystem Services. [biorXiv preprint link]

Seyler, L.M., Kujawinski, E., Marlow, J., Lee, M., Perl, S.M., Azua-Bustos, A., and H.J. Cleaves, In Review, Metabolomics as an Emerging Tool in the Search for Astrobiologically-Relevant Biomarkers.

Marlow, J., Hoer, D., Jungbluth, S., Reynard, L., Gartman, A., Chavez, M., El-Naggar, M., Tuross, N., Orphan, V., and P. Girguis, In Prep, Carbonate-hosted Microbial Communities Exhibit Unprecedented Methane Oxidizing Rates at Marine Methane Seeps.

Additional Research-based publications

Marlow, J., and R. Braakman, (2018), Team Players, Scientific American.

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Theses & Dissertations

Marlow, J., (2016), Physical, Metabolic, and Energetic Investigations of Methane-Metabolizing Microbial Communities. California Institute of Technology PhD Dissertation. [Link]

Marlow, J., (2010), Detecting Life on Mars Through the Study of Organic Host Mars Analogues and Urey Instrument Development, Imperial College London M. Phil Thesis. [Link]

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